Shuttle Bug

Shuttle Bug is a smart fire door retainer. Designed to hold open the fire door legally until the fire alarm sounds. The products unique advanced listening technology means Shuttle will only close to the fire alarm sound.

Fire Door Retainer

Simply screw the Shuttle Bug onto the face side of the fire door using 4 screws. Once fitted, set up using the traffic light LEDs, set off the fire alarm for 30 seconds, once the unit has learnt the fire alarm sound it will not react to ANY other sound, apart from the fire alarm.

Need a quick set up? No need to sound the fire alarm for 30 seconds, select basic mode at a push of a button and Shuttle Bug is ready to hold open the fire door.

We recommend you test the products once fitted to ensure set up has been done correctly.

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Shuttle Bug Features

  • Listens and learns the fire alarm sound
  • Basic mode for quick set up: Ignores vacuums
  • Up to 3 years battery life
  • 2 year warranty
  • Easy battery compartment
  • Slim design
  • Fully compliant with BSEN1155 and accepted by UK fire brigades

Standards & Operating Guide

Shuttle complies with BSEN1155 which incorporates EN1634. Accepted by ALL UK Fire Brigades.
The standard provides details on product types, classification by use, test cycles, door mass, corrosion resistance, as well as definitions, product performance requirements, test apparatus, test methods and marking of products.

Shuttle is CE marked and tested to EN 1155. Shuttle is listed as a "Normal" category device under BS7273-4:2015.

BS1634: 30 and 60 minute fire doors

Download BSEN1155 Certificate Download DOP Certificate Download Operating Guide


  • Floor plates

    Floor Plate

    £3.99 each - Flat and with backstop plates available.

  • Batteries


    £2 - Includes 2 x C size batteries.

  • Rubber stoppers

    Rubber Stoppers

    Only 0.80p each.

  • Software upgrades

    Software Upgrades

    Please ask for a cost estimate.