SmartStrobe Bed Shaker

SmartStrobe Bed Shaker allows the deaf and hard of hearing to be alerted whilst asleep in the event of a fire.

Place the SmartStrobe on a bedside unit and place the vibrating PillowPad under the pillow.

When the fire alarm goes off, SmartStrobe picks up the sound using its smart listening technology, once activated, the strobe light will flash, an audible alarm will sound and the vibrating bedshaker placed under the pillow will shake. Users can see if there is a FIRE or WAKE up call on the LCD screen.

  • Reacts to the fire alarm, Co2 alarm and security alarm
  • ONLY reacts to the alarm sound: No false activations
  • Upto 2 years battery life
  • LCD for FIRE, Wake up alert display
  • Alarm clock wake up call
  • Strobe light, alarm and bed shaker
  • Plug in and battery operated optional
  • Portable device
  • Ensures compliance with parts of the equality act
  • CE marked and tested to BS EN 61000-6-1:2001

SmartStrobe is ideal in Hotels, B&B accommodation, residential homes, holiday accommodation and the workplace.


The first wire free visual alarm device can be used as a standalone device or linked to the Orb deaf alert system.

SmartStrobe is designed to alert lone workers, the deaf or hard of hearing in the event of a fire, security or CO2 alarm.

Install SmartStrobe using 2 screws. Once installed train SmartStrobe to the sound of a fire/smoke alarm, CO2 alarm or security alarm. When SmartStrobe picks up the sound it will flash and sound an alarm.


  • 3 year battery life with battery back up
  • Low battery and fault alert using sound and LED indication
  • Listens and learns up to 3 sounds
  • Picks up from 60 db sound levels
  • White flash (C-2.4-8), red flash (C-2.4-7) options available
  • 32 selectable tones
  • 0.5Hz flash rate available via the DIL switch


  • Wirefree version to be used as a supplementary indicating device or based on a approved fire risk assessment approved by your local fire brigade.
  • Approved to EN54-3(Sounder) and EN54-23(Strobe Beacon) when Hardwired and not in wirefree mode.